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Home All Events 11/Oct/08 CALLAS for Santa Cecilia

11/Oct/08 CALLAS for Santa Cecilia

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Dedicated to the celebration of Santa Cecilia symphonic orchestra centenary, an innovative piece of interactive art , projected and realized by Studio Azzurro (partner in CALLAS), will be presented at the Spazio Risonanze of the Auditorium Parco della Musica on October 11,2008 (on show at 12 am).
Santa Cecilia, flying orchestra
Flying musicians,  free entities in the space, fluctuating bodies with sounds, will overcome all constraints of the force of gravity.
Virtual players perfom acrobatics of ethereal beauty with other musicians: all together provide fluctuating and suddenly changing projections, reacting to a thousands of orchestra directors.
The public comes to the podium, interacts with each musician as an orchestra director does by recalling musician attention through a sensible wand, piloting exit points, musical and physical trajectories of flying musicians.
The multimedia path, called "Orchestra Volante",  pays homage to the music  as an emotional evocative experience elevating musicians and audience to an hyperspace whose magic starts from the hands of improvised directors.
CALLAS technology is widely used to support specific perfomance features.

Press release and echoes of the event here and here

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