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Home All Events 18/Feb/09: CALLAS scores "Good to excellent"

18/Feb/09: CALLAS scores "Good to excellent"

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CALLAS evaluated as "Good to excellent" after 2nd Review with the European Commission

The CALLAS 2nd Review took place at Teesside University in Middlesbrough on January 28-29, 2009, where the progress made in the project during the period M13 to M24 was illustrated to the Commission and to three external Reviewers.
(pictures taken at the event are in C³: the CALLAS Community Club members pages here).

The CALLAS Consortium is now pleased to announce that the official Review Report received from the Commission confirms that CALLAS has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations, reaching the maximum score in the evaluation period.

CALLAS entered its 3rd year of operations on November 1st 2008 (M25).
Following reviewers' recommendations, future activities will particularly focus on
  • theoretical aspects of emotion capturing, modelling and fusing
  • validation of components through quasi-experiments and natural observations
  • demonstration of the progress beyond the current state-of-the-art
  • validation of the showcases applications to complete loop between emotional expression and digital adaptations.
Snapshot of CALLAS partners activities at M24 (from the poster session occurred during the Review):
  1. Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA- Italy: poster
  2. British Broadcasting Corporation - United Kingdom: poster
  3. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland - Finland: poster
  4. Studio Azzurro - Italy: poster
  5. XIM - United Kingdom: poster
  6. Digital Video - Italy: poster
  7. Humanware - Italy: poster
  8. NEXTURE Consulting srl - Italy : poster
  9. University of Augsburg - Germany : poster#1 , poster#2
  10. Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - National Technical University of Athens - Greece : poster
  11. Faculty of Engineering, University of Mons - Belgium: poster
  12. University of Teesside - United Kingdom : poster#1, poster#2; poster#3
  13. The Helsinki Institute for Information Technology - Finland : poster
  14. CNRS and Université Paris 8 - France: poster
  15. Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa - Italy : poster
  16. University of Reading - United Kingdom: poster
  17. Fondazione Teatro Massimo - Italy : poster
  18. Human Interface Technology Laboratory New Zealand - New Zealand : poster

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