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The component classifyes hand movements in a 3D space based on the analysis of acceleration data captured from a Nintendo’s Wiimote controller. It is supported by a corpora of arbitrary gestures used to train classifiers which are used for online recognition of gestures. It records gestures, calculates features, performing training and validation of either pre-packaged or specific features and classifiers, offering APIs and supporting dynamic load. An extensive tutorial documentation is available.

Availability of the component: Reference contact is Elisabeth Andre' of University of Augsburg
Notes: The component is available under GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or any later version. WiiGLE makes use of a WEKA data mining toolkit for classifying data  and IKVM library to access JAVA methods from C#. Download is available from here  after registration, see also the detailed manual here.

Besides functional tests, extensive experimentation of WiiGLE in CALLAS is done in:
  • ElektroEmotion research tool: in the context of this affective and interactive installation for public spaces the WiiGLE is used to collect samples of emotionally loaded expressions in a public setting. Suggested reading about EleKtroEmotion is: ElectroEmotion – A Tool for Producing Emotional Corpora Collaboratively - Abstract.
  • Virtuaali/Virtuosi miniopera, a miniopera show occurred at the SibaFest festival in Helsinki, specifically written and composed with digital staging in mind. The Wiimote was used to give torating speed to the world through hand gestures and arrow buttons and the speed of the gesture was analyzed using the acceleration sensors of the Wiimote.  Suggested reading about the show is: Interaction in Digitally Augmented Opera - Abstract
Additional reference to the component usage is made in CALLAS Newsletter3 and in the following CALLAS papers, articles and poster:
  • Wave Like an Egyptian — Accelerometer Based Gesture Recognition for Culture Specific Interactions: Abstract
  • Dancing the Night Away — Controlling a Virtual Karaoke Dancer by Multimodal Expressive Cues: Abstract
  • Emotional Sensitivity in Human-Computer Interaction: Abstract
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