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Facial Feature Detection

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The component detects and tracks different facial features (such as eye centers, eye corners, top-down eyelids,..) considering facial geometry principles and prototypes of natural human motion.
Tracking is done for 19 different facial points on successive frames, whose coordinates are returned for each frame and can be useful for further facial expressions' processing.  Face detection is in fact a usual preprocessing step in many applications such as face recognition, human-computer interaction, facial expression recognition, surveillance and gaze/pose detection.

Availability of the component: Reference contacts are Amaryllis Raouzaiou and Stelios Asteriadis of Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - National Technical University of Athens.
Notes: Interested parties can request the component who can be made available for non commercial use.

Suggested reading:
  • Estimation of behavioural user state based on eye gaze and head pose, application in an e-learning environment: Abstract
Last Updated on Monday, 17 May 2010 12:34