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CALLAS Demonstrator

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Incremental prototypes of a real application are developed in CALLAS to support the design of the Framework, to refine it and tune it, as a workbench to test the software. 
Demonstrator GUI In short, the demonstration scenario features  interaction through a GUI, between one or more users and a virtual character, output of the demonstrator, consisting in an MS Agent (Nicole), a talking head whose management is left to a proper Output component.

When a user utters some sentences, an emotional state is associated to the sentence and mapped to Nicole’s reaction, resulting in animation expressing an emotional state and replying to what the user said.

At the same time the video signal sent by each input component is properly processed with the effect of communicating to Nicole where the selected user is looking, and if someone else is coming in or going out of the frame.
In both cases, Nicole will reply in a proper manner, greeting the incoming or outgoing user or looking in the same direction as the user, saying words associated to the simple emotion detected.
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