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The C³: the CALLAS Community Club

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Come to the C3 Club!
CALLAS offers a chance to new media  developers and artistis to be involved in live CALLAS project developments, showcases, assessment of requirements, working trials  and validation, in line with the project choice of open source software and open standards.

Image is a courtesy of  Studio Azzurro Produzioni

C3 (C-Cube) is a specific collaborative space  hosting a CALLAS-related social network: on a dedicated web site. Here organisations, digital artists and SMEs, interested to the latest trends in multimodal affective interfaces handling, can start discussions threads, blogs, special interest groups and learn about best practices and comment on results.New Media is so exciting that opportunities are lost unless shared as soon as they arise!
The Club is now no longer kept private, but it will be open and free to the all emotional IT fellows.
This change will be advertised on this page.

As a conversational area, the C3 will keep you in touch  with members of the  CALLAS project to support your future experimentation with the tecnology developed in CALLAS.

is as easy as it could be!
Participate and enjoy!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 August 2010 21:29