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XIM is a member of CALLAS. Established in 1999, XIM is a UK-based new media consultancy specialising in content creation and multi-channel/multi-platform deployment.

Its major clients are based in both Europe and the USA in the markets of film entertainment, digital TV (cable operators, satellite operators and middleware developers), technology and telecommunications, healthcare and not-for-profit, and include Warner Brothers, Icon Film Distribution,, Artisan Entertainment, Alcatel-Lucent, IMI PLC and the UK NHS.
XIM's activites include:
  • creating interactive new media for iTV, mobile and broadband channels, including games, simulations, interactive TV voting and quiz applications, interactive adverts, corporate promotions, product walkthroughs and DVDs;
  • developing web applications with innovative user interfaces such as avatar-driven financial decision support tools for investment funding;
  • new product design, prototyping and publishing, including new mobile telephone user interface concepts, wearable computers for real-time health sensors, games and simulation tools; and consultancy and training for new media technologies, such as cross-media content management strategy, interactive television production workflow, design for accessibility, etc.
Backgrounds of XIM's team include: IT strategy development, commercial software, time-based media for broadcast, graphic design for corporate communications, marketing management and retail buying. In addition to its role in CALLAS, XIM is currently researching cross-media content production as a partner of IST project AXMEDIS . Other recent research has included advanced knowledge management for healthcare using ‘expertise browsing’ of tacit knowledge, streamlining and unifying workflows for interactive TV within the 5th framework “EDiCT” project, developing vector-based web-animation technology and the design and presentation of new services for broadband.

Contact: Laurence Pearce 
Last Updated on Sunday, 07 September 2008 14:40