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Home All Events 5-7/Dec/07: ICVS'07

5-7/Dec/07: ICVS'07

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The focus of ICVS 2007, the 4th International Conference on Virtual Storytelling, Conference was about users or developers of tools or algorithms to author digital stories.
Virtual Reality technologies as real and efficient solutions for creating interactive 3D content or optimizing and managing the production were major topics.

A CALLAS Paper was presented at the event:

By Fred Charles, Samuel Lemercier, Marc Cavazza [University of Teesside] Thurid Vogt, Nikolaus Bee, Elisabeth André [Université Paris 8] Maurizio Mancini, Catherine Pélachaud [Université Paris 8] Jérôme Urbain [Faculty of Engineering, Mons] and Marc Price [British Broadcasting Corporation]
"Affective Interactive Narrative in the CALLAS Project" Abstract
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