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Home All Events 26-30/May/08: LREC'08

26-30/May/08: LREC'08

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LREC 2008 is the 6th international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. The Conference  provided an overview of the state-of-the-art, explored new R&D directions and emerging trends, exchanged information regarding LRs and their applications, evaluation methodologies and tools, ongoing and planned activities, industrial uses and needs, requirements coming from the e-society, both with respect to policy issues and to technological and organisational ones.
A CALLAS Paper was in the agenda of the Conference:

By Liikkanen, L.A., Huvio, E., Samperio, R.[The Helsinki Institute for Information Technology] Seppänen, T., Väyrynen, E [Univ. of Oulu]
"Developing Affective Intelligence For An Interactive Installation: Insights From A Design Process"Abstract
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