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Home All Events 10-12/Jul/08: Arcimboldi Theatre

10-12/Jul/08: Arcimboldi Theatre

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The show Galileo in Hell, [Galileo all'Inferno in italian] of Studio Azzurro took place in Milan at Teatro degli Arcimboldi [video here, more about the subject of the show]
the man and the spyral of emotion the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan emotional inside of the Arcimboldi Theatre
Actors were controlling imagery projected on stage and audience was invited to step on the stage at the end of the performance, this part of the performance being supported by CALLAS technology. Audience recognized subjects were coupled with a spiral galaxy and the galaxies reacted to people screaming and talking, by changing in colours and spinning.
emotional interactive performance walking through pictorial emotions  touch of emotion representation
Derived from a previous artwork and supported by CALLAS technology, the performance is an example of the exploitation opportunities that CALLAS is opening to artists and new media producers.

Download Brochure: Tu al Centro dell'Universo
Stusio Azzurro and CALLAS present Galileo and the power of emotion
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