Facial Expression Recognition

The component recognizes facial expression in real-time by localizing and tracking facial movements, based on the appearance of the expression of a person when interacting with a camera, and providing feedback about recognised emotions based on dimensional or Ekmanian emotions. Facial features movements and facial animation parameters, relevant to facial affctive expressions detection, are calculated using both emotional and dimensional models. The component can provide a quadrant of a dimensional model of emotions suitable to detect also emotions other than Ekmanians, provided that the rules of a specific emotional model is given to the component.

Besides functional tests, extensive experimentation of Facial expression Recognition in CALLAS is done in edutainment application for Proof-of-Concepts:
Additional reference to the component usage is made in the following CALLAS papers and articles:
Reference information about the availability of the component can be obtained by Institute of Communication and Computer Systems - National Technical University of Athens.
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