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Home All Events 4/May/07: CALLAS Workshop on Digital Technologies and Theatre

4/May/07: CALLAS Workshop on Digital Technologies and Theatre

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A Workshop dedicated to CALLAS was held in Palermo at the magnificent Sala degli Stemmi at Fondazione Teatro Massimo in conjunction with the 110th year anniversary from the Foundation of the Opera House and a Gala Concert on May 3, 2007.
CALLAS project members and a panel of professionals discussed the bond between the Digital Technologies and Theatres, see Program. The discussion went around major topics, examining what do expressive and ancient forms of art like the theatre and new digital forms of technology have in common? Can these new forms of technology be used to boost and innovate this secular artistic tradition? New media applications surely can play a fundamental role in making the theatre more visible and enjoyable to the infinite range of emotions which are still present in theatre, and will be present for generations to come.
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